St. Catherine’s Church Cemetery

DSCF1671 - Version 2 (1)

St. Catherine’s Church Cemetery in Hornitos, CA. Just on the edge of Mariposa, CA. Taken with my Fuji X-E1.



Somewhere near Knighton, Wales…


Hiking along the Offa’s Dyke Path, you’re going to run into a few sheep here and there. They’re decent listeners. This is one of the few photos where I really enjoy the color, but converting it to black and white creates another stunning image I also enjoy. Decisions decisions. Taken with my Fuji X-E1.

White Castle, Wales


Last May, I had wonderful little adventure that took me and my dear friend, Marcy (check out her amazing blog at Illustrated Poetry), across Wales. One of my favorite stops was at White Castle located near Monmouthshire, Wales. Here’s the view from the top. Not bad. Thanks Wales! Taken with my trusty Fuji X-E1. And yes, it is that green. This So Cal girl had a hard time coming back to Brownifornia.

World Photo Day

000087810012 (1)

It’s World Photo Day! To be fair, I had no idea this day existed but I’m sure glad I didn’t miss it. On August 19, 1839 the French government purchased the patent of the Daguerreotype, which was invented in 1837 by Joseph Nicèphore Nièpce and Louis Daguerre. The French government announced the purchase by proclaiming it as a gift “Free to the World”. This is just a very brief background and I encourage everyone to check out to learn more. I took the above photo at Newhall Mansion with my Canon AE-1 35mm using Kodak Portra film.

Lacock Abbey Hallway Ceiling

DSCF2314 - Version 2 (1)

Ceiling of the lower level of Lacock Abbey. This historic area is so interesting and I can’t wait to explore it some more on a future trip. Taken with my Fuji X-E1 which turned out to be the perfect travel companion.